Memories Of Mars Dev Diary Showcases Base Building

Limbic Entertainment and 505 Games’ Memories of Mars is set to debut for PC via Steam Early Access this spring, but ahead of its debut comes a new video showcasing base construction.

On the troublesome planet that is Mars there are numerous pitfalls and traps when it comes to survival. Sticking around to see what dangers are in store for you isn’t a wise thing to do, but danger can be avoided by building and staying in a base.

The best way to get an early look at the game’s base building mechanics is by watching a newly posted developer dairy showing said action in motion.

The video teaches that it’s never been easier to build stuff, whereupon the player must open the build menu, select the desired piece(s), and then place in down.┬áItems that turn blue mean that you can put whatever it is down, while if it turns red it’s a no go.

Titled “Dev Diary 4 -Base Building,” the video briefly walks viewers through on how to build bases by using certain keys (that might change in the future), and how building needs a tool to finish pieces placed on the planet Mars.

If you’re wondering what dangers lurk the abandoned planet of Mars, then you’ll find a few enemy types right here. The enemies resemble that of spiders and worms, sporting a robotic look, and consist of the Mantis, Scuttler, and the Serpentes.

Three weeks prior to the video posted above comes yet another dev diary, except this one briefly explains the aforesaid enemy types.

The Early Access release date for Memories of Mars should be nearing sometime soon given that we are in spring. However, if you want to keep up with this game you can either head on over to its Steam Early Access page or


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