Momoiro Closet, Romance Visual Novel Goes Weeb-Deep Into Otaku Culture
Momoiro Closet Visual Novel

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Now here’s a visual novel that doesn’t shy away from what the weebs actually want: a romance tale about an Otaku who is just an average guy who is finds himself romancing or lusting after hot chicks who are obsessed with cosplay culture and the Akihibara scene in Japan.

Yes, this is a tale about something that would almost never likely happen in real life, but something that just about every Otaku would love to happen in real life. The story is about an average guy who moves beyond online website culture for Otakus, and instead finds himself in the Mecca of Otaku… Akihibara. It’s steeped in anime and video game culture, and one day he finds out that the uppity student council president, Alice Kagamihara, is actually a huge magical girl nerd who is obsessed with cosplay and a true Otaku.

The visual novel unfolds as the average dude, Hashima Reiji, and Alice Kagamihara strike up a friendship that eventually begins to blossom into something more, all while Alice attempts to hide her Otaku obsession from the rest of the school and her family. You can check out the annoying intro video below to get an idea of what the art and some of the characters are like.

The art is actually pretty good and was put together by INO. Yuhi Nanao is the writer of Momoiro Closet, who is known for penning the Corona Blossom series.

There’s also dual language support for Japanese and English, and Frontwing suggests that it’s a good way to work on and learn Japanese while enjoying the game. It’s technically not a bad solution given that so many American localization companies censor and disrupt the dialogue and plot of so many Japanese and South Korean imports with sociopolitical agendas. It happened with Hajimete no Gal‘s English localization, and it also just recently happened again with the censorship that Crunchyroll applied to DanMachi Memoria Freese, which netted them a nice little consumer campaign that was taken to the Federal Trade Commission.

Momoiro Closet is due out before April ends, but you can check out a free demo of the game right now over on the Steam store.


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