Motohiro Okubo Talks Soul Calibur VI Reboot, No Cross Play Planned
Soul Calibur VI

Motohiro Okubo recently took up an interview with another publication site to talk about Soul Calibur VI, giving fans a little insight into what this iteration will contain hold at launch. Soul Calibur VI is currently slated to launch across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Thanks to publication site we learn a bit more about why Okubo wanted a Soul Calibur reboot, if there will be cross play between different platforms, and more.

The interview starts off with GuiltyBit asking Okubo about Soul Calibur VI and its quasi-reboot approach, and why the game is titled Soul Calibur VI. Okubo’s response sits below:

“When we started the Soul Calibur VI project we thought we had to review all the previous games to develop a masterpiece celebrating the 20th anniversary. The Soul Calibur series has changed the history and design of battles throughout each title.


However, the core of the stories have always been “the story of two swords: Soul Calibur vs Soul Edge,” and on the other hand “have fun with a fighting game based on weapons.”


Soul Calibur VI is an origin of the series that restarts these two core elements. And it stands as a new game filled with new stories too.


We believe that this title can re-engage players who have been waiting for a long time. And that’s why it’s a “reboot” of the Soul Calibur series.”

GuiltyBit followed up its first query about Soul Calibur VI reboot, but this time wanted to know how many changes will be present in the game. Okubo replied:

“The Soul Calibur series is about 20 years old. Due to this, many of our fans who were 20 are now 40 years old. We thought we had to make a new game so that all generations could play together by restarting the series while celebrating the 20th anniversary.


Soul Calibur VI holds a new story based on the origin of the legend in 1586 (Soul Calibur I) and brings several familiar characters with an evolved combat system. Hopefully you can enjoy this title developed for the new platforms (PS4, XBox One, and PC via Steam).”

The interview shifted from reboots to Soul Calibur VI story. GuiltyBit wanted to know whether there will be a single common story for each character or will each character have their own story line? Okubo’s response reads:

“Good question. We started talking about a specific story composed of two grand stories. The story of Soul Calibur VI takes place around the protagonist, Kilik, the new character Grøh and other new fighters.


But it’s not the time to reveal the details yet. Stay tuned for more information.”

Staying on topic while shifting the query a bit, GuiltyBit asked whether this iteration of Soul Calibur will introduce or kill off other older characters, and what type of characters will return? Okubo replied:

“We have selected characters based on 1586 (the era of the first Soul Calibur). There will be returning characters and some will have changed dynamically with limited conditions during battles, like Kilik.


There will also be characters with new designs and costumes, such as Zasalamel.”

The next query to Okubo revolves around if there will be RPG elements and different fighting styles. The answer to the query lies below:

“We have different game modes for players to have fun while playing alone. They will be able to experience and “achieve something with their own sword,” in one of the concepts of this game.


But it is not time to reveal details just yet. Stay tuned for more information.”

Furthermore, the interview then shifted over to character customization and if players will be able to choose different fighting styles for each character. As usual, Okubo replied with the following:

“Character customization is a feature of the Soul Calibur series. But it is not the time to reveal the details yet. Stay tuned for more information.”

GuiltyBit wanted to know about Geralt of Rivia and his role as being a crossover character. Okubo provided the following answer:

“Geralt, from The Witcher, will be in the world of Soul Calibur as a guest character. We explained before that there will be two major story lines. For Geralt he will be involved in one of them. But no, it is not time to reveal details yet. Stay tuned.”

The next query from GuiltyBit revolves around whether Soul Calibur will follow the pattern of different seasons, and if new content will be add every few months. Okubo responded by saying:

“We know that players expect additional content after launch. We are considering the possibility internally.”

The second to last question wanted to know whether Soul Calibur VI will have cross play between different consoles. The query was met with a simple answer:

“No. We will not include it.”

The final question was about if Soul Calibur VI would come to the Nintendo Switch, which Okubo replied, “no.”

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