No Man’s Sky Art Will Be Exhibited At V And A On September 8th, 2018

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky will be present at the V&A video game art event, which this event takes a look behind the design and process of a selection of “groundbreaking contemporary video games.” The space exploration game that’s currently out across PC and PS4 will be present at the event starting on September 8th, 2018.

In an attempt to expand video games beyond some of the bad wrap the games industry has been receiving from various places, and to push forward the potential of the medium comes the September 8th, 2018 edition of V&A.

Many games will appear at the event in art form, granting attendees further insight on titles enjoyed across previous and current gen consoles.

In other words, if you want a look at early designs, concept art, and prototypes never before released to the public, the V&A event will have you covered:

“This exhibition provides a unique insight into the design process behind a selection of groundbreaking contemporary videogames. Design work, including concept art and prototypes, feature alongside large-scale immersive installations and interactives.”

If you want to view some of the stuff at the event, which will include Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, in the next six months you’ll be able to do just that. Also, you might even get to see some exclusive stuff that will be in the No Man’s Sky NEXT summer update.

As seen above and below, tweets from both Hello Games and V&A posted announcements regarding the event, whereupon smaller independent titles and AAA games will show up for your viewing pleasure.

Given that the NEXT update is slated for this summer and the V&A event is billed to kick-off early September, eager fans will likely be treated to some noteworthy stuff. However, it’s unclear at this point if team members of Hello Games will accompany the No Man’s Sky art? But I’m sure more on Hello Games, No Man’s Sky, and the V&A event will come forth in due time.

You can hit up to learn more about the September 8th event.


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