Oi, Innkeep! These Dance Moves Are Contagious

Oi Innkeep

I mean this tavern might seem decrepit but its clientele apparently isn’t. Look, just look at them jive through those morsels.

Normally I’d chalk it up to my fancy imagination but knowing Bad Bandit Games’ strange history of tossing things at strangers for sport, serving fish bums and well, lots of this for nearly a year now, I’m certain those beat-synced dance moves are deliberate.

Perhaps even a business strategy.

But then given the way things start out for the tavern, it seems like a little bit of different is necessary for Oi, Innkeep, which certainly isn’t an easy undertaking when it especially wants you playing medieval-era restaurateur, bartender, interior designer and food producer all at once.

The first-person rag-to-riches simulation aims to offer complete control in determining what exactly makes your customers tick; once you have the décor nailed, it’s all a matter of conjuring up the best damned menu on the market with Geoff The Magic Painting playing Gordon Ramsay Masterclass.

No, there’s plenty of room for farming in the backyard meaning the chefs can’t always blame their troubles on rubbish ingredients. You might choose to silence customer complaints with sharp cutlery but then with a dialogue system in place, why take the trouble?

Rather as a good host should, spend time instead taking advantage of what Bad Bandit Games is calling its cause-and-effect system rather; relate with the crowd’s troubles, serve it the best beer on tap and hope that it returns for more appetizers.

Note though that as the seasons change so must the menu; experiment with cooking stations, offer rooms-for-rent, sift through the vomit and make ample space for drunken brawls. If all else fails,

Such is life, and to think this was all sci-fi themed. Oi, Innkeep is now on Steam with an estimated release date of this year. Go wish-list.

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