Onrush Trailer Details Vehicle Classes, Rush Abilities; Beta Coming In May
Onrush Trailer

Codemasters dropped a new trailer for the off-road, combat-racing game, Onrush. The latest trailer provides gamers with an illustration of the game’s RUSH abilities, as well as some of the vehicle classes that will be present in the title.

The trailer is nearly three and a half minutes long, covering each of the main vehicle classes, starting with the Charger. The vehicle has the ability to utilize a bulldozing RUSH that literally plows through opponents.

The Interceptor has the ability to instantly refill its RUSH gauge after each successful takedown, which in turn will encourage players to keep chaining takedowns to refill the RUSH meter.

The Dynamo has the ability to earn RUSH from driving near teammates as well as give teammates a boost when the RUSH ability is activated. You can see each of the abilities and RUSH features for the vehicles in action with the trailer below.

We see the Titan in action as well, which allows players to drop a trail of blockades when the RUSH ability is activated, slowing down opponents who are directly behind you.

The Enforcer allows players to blind any nearby opponents who are following directly behind you, while the Blade allows you to leave a trail of fire on the ground that scorches opponents unlucky enough to be eating your dust.

The Outlaw sports the ability to drain all opponents within range, while the Vortex creates a disruptive whirlwind behind the vehicle that will wreck opponents traveling too close behind.

The abilities and boosts should give Onrush some interesting replayability features, especially during multiplayer. There will be a beta test for the game ahead of the release on June 5th. The beta will take place at some point in May for both PS4 and Xbox One owners. For more info feel free to check out the official Onrush website.


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