Open Discussion: April 1st, 2018

The first April Open Discussion is now up and brings with it the regular stuff found in previous editions. Like any other Open Discussion, this one, too, offers anyone the opportunity to write anything that comes to mind whether it be about video games or another medium. As per usual, this Open Discussion will not stand for censorship.

Anyone looking for a place to share something that may be of interest will find that the Open Discussion, which appears every week on OAG, allows for all types of discussions. The Open Discussion series enables readers to participate and engage in topics or to start one up by posting whatever comes to mind.

This means that if writing is your thing or you like to share information that seems pressing, the Open Discussion series is more than open for those types of discussions. The whole point behind this series on OAG is to give you the reader the ability to post up anything related or unrelated to the subject that is being discussed.

Likewise, any post on this very site will always be approved and will not face any form of censorship. If you are facing problems with a comment of yours and it has not appeared for other people to see, whether it is the works of WordPress or Disqus, let us know and we will try to fix the situation.

As for this week, this Open Discussion is about TV shows, movies, and video game reboots. Movies like Lethal Weapon have been rebooted into a FOX TV show, TV shows like ReBoot will soon get a reboot, and games like Soul Calibur VI will be a pseudo-like reboot to the series. In other words, what’s your thoughts on movies, TV shows, and video game reboots and ones made for 2018 and beyond?

Remember you don’t have to participate in this Open Discussion, meaning that you can start up your own conversation if you want.

This week’s soundtrack is Hammock’s “Oh the Bliss” from Far Cry 5.


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