Overkill’s April Fool’s Joke Is A Payday Animated Series
Payday 2

Sometimes April Fool’s jokes are less jokes and more like torture; torture for what could be, what could have been, and what should be. In this case, it’s the last of the bunch, as lots of gamers were given a small taste of a 1980’s style animated television series based on the ultra-violent shooter franchise, Payday, and they loved it.

Overkill Software tweeted out the intro to the pilot episode of the non-existent TV show, which clocks in at just over a minute. You can check out the video below.

The intro parodies a lot of the kid shows from the 1980s, but it keeps the violence from the original Payday games. They also even hilariously state that there are family friendly messages in each of the 10 episodes, which reminds me of stuff like The Ripping Friends.

The web page over on the Overkill website literally details each of the descriptions for the 10 episodes, and almost seems to hint at the possibility of this eventually becoming a real thing.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, “This is an April’s Fools joke, it’ll never become a reality!” But Overkill actually did turn the H3H3 April Fool’s joke into a real piece of DLC for Payday 2. So heck, maybe sometime next year we might actually see a mature-themed Payday cartoon make its way online.

In the meantime, Payday 2 is out and available for home consoles and PC. The latest iteration of the game is available for the Nintendo Switch, but that version is kind of gimped badly due to the obvious requirement of having to compensate the game for the mobile portions of the Switch’s portability.

While a lot of people have expressed interest and positive feedback toward Payday being turned into an action-oriented cartoon, you really have to wonder how many people would actually buy a DVD/Blu-ray of the cartoon if it were actually made?


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