This Is The Police 2 Trailer Reveals Turn-Based Combat, Police Force Management
This Is The Police 2

A new gameplay trailer was released for Weappy Studio’s This Is The Police 2. The first gameplay trailer focuses on the strategic aspects of the game rather than delving into the story-oriented segments.

The game is themed around the newly appointed sheriff, Lilly Reed, of a small town called Sharpwood, a cold northern frontier set in a small community. As Reed, players will have to deal with the everyday common crimes happening within Sharpwood, as well as a much larger, over-arching conspiracy taking place within the county.

You can check out the trailer below, which features the overworld management screen, as well as the direct control players will have over various units.

Players will be in charge of assigning their small number of police officers to various tasks, including patrols, crimes, and cases. You can modify the items and directives of the officers, as well as what they carry out during their shifts.

You can choose what sort of items the officers take with them on their patrols, as well as what sort level of force is applied on the field. If you want to clean up crime like the New York police force then you’ll have to ensure that your officers exercise extreme force in cleaning up even the pettiest of crimes. And when the media tries to pull the race card, fill up the morgue with some thugs to send the message that you aren’t playing around.

New to the series is additional combat mechanics, where players will navigate locations and play out turn-based segments not unlike XCOM or Invisible Inc.

Keep in mind that every decision you make and every cop under your employ will change the outcome of the public’s perception on your police force and how much funding you receive, how trustworthy you are, and whether or not you’ll come out on top.

You can look for This is the Police 2 to launch later this year for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Weappy is also working with THQ Nordic and Microsoft to add Xbox One X enhancements to the game as well. You can learn more by visiting the official website.


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