PositronX Combines Old-School FPS Gameplay With New-School Graphics


Scorpius Games’ PsitronX recently entered into Early Access on Steam. The first-person shooter is currently available for $14.99. Like most games launching on Steam, the game is discounted during the first week by 20% off for only $11.99.

The rogue-like first-person shooter combines old-school gameplay, such as fast-paced strafe-shooting and bunny-hopping, with new-school graphics and physics. Players will take on the role of a robot, attempting to blast through two different stages.

The game features multiple playable characters, a progression system, and 10 different implants you can acquire to upgrade and modify the character with, along with more than 12 different weapons that have two-firing modes each.

You can also upgrade and improve the implants and weapons along the way, while also utilizing game modifiers to make the game easier, harder or more interesting. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

So one of the things you’ll notice is that you can utilize time manipulation to store bullets and freeze enemy positions so that when the time is restored they get blasted across the screen, not unlike some of the weapons featured in Insomniac Games’ original Resistance: Fall of Man.

Physics play a pretty big part in the game as well, with players being able to blast pieces of the environment around the play space, or use the environment to your advantage while progressing through the levels.

The weapons are all futuristic looking, sci-fi weapons, but they behave like a lot of traditional weapons from first-person shooters, such as sniper rifles, cannons, rocket launchers, and shotguns. You can get an idea of what unedited footage of the gameplay is like with the preview below from YouTuber T6Games.

They have plans on updating the game throughout its Early Access run, adding in more than 20 guns by the time it’s ready for release, with more than 100 different implants to acquire, 100 different imprints to utilize, five stages in total, 10 boss battles, 15 additional enemies, Steam achievements, a story mode, and improved AI.

They have plans on getting all of this done over the course of six months, but they note in the Early Access FAQ that it could take them up to a year, depending on community feedback.

You can learn more about PositronX by paying a visit to the Steam store page.

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