PositronX, Single-Player FPS Game To Hit PC Via Steam On May 1st

Known as Scorpius Games, the indie devs working on PositronX seek to deliver a first-person shooter, single-player only game on May 1st. Currently slated to hit PC via Steam Early Access, the devs have new gameplay footage up showing PositronX in action.

Rogue-lite games are popular among the indie scene, but it seems that Scorpius Games is trying to do stuff differently from other games with PositronX, and that’s to emphasize on deadly, first-person strategic combat.

Replay value is a top priority in PositronX according to Scorpius Games. However, the point behind the rogue-lite features is to add a fresh feel to the game coupled with hard enemies. This package will supposedly give players a challenge with new combinations, but with familiar adversaries.

The official description points out both emphasis on rogue-lite content and strategic combat, below:

“PositronX is a Rogue-lite First Person Shooter that emphasizes on strategic fast paced combat, innovative time and movement mechanics and detailed graphical quality, packed into a highly re-playable experience.”

The upcoming FPS game boasts “countless different combinations of Weapons,” and other features like implants, imprints and upgrades. Mix all of that together and the devs believe that you “will never experience the same thing twice.”

In addition to the above, an Early Access trailer runs through combinations, customization and other unlockable content in PositronX:

As seen above, the game is still in an Early Access phase with some frame-rate issues and a need of polish here and there. The good news, though, is that not only are the devs working on the game as we speak, but you can see raw gameplay footage below.

Despite the videos showing a release date of spring 2018, on PositronX’s Indiedb page it reflects an Early Access launch date of May 1st, 2018. In other words, folks have less than three weeks to try the game out.

During that time, you can sate your curiosity about this FPS title by hitting up its Steam Early Access page or scorpiusstudios.com.


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