Project Nimbus: Code Mirai, Anime Mech Shooter Lands On PS4 April 10th
Project Nimbus PS4

Thai publisher KISS Ltd., and developers GameTomo and GameCrafterTeam, announced that the third-person anime-mech shooter, Project Nimbus: Code Mirai, will launch for the PlayStation 4 starting April 10th. The game will be available a day later in Europe starting April 11th.

This follows on the game’s initial release in Japan last September.

The developers have been working on the game to optimize it for the PlayStation 4. Pawee Pakamekanon, the project leader at GameCrafterTeam, commented in the press release that getting Project Nimbus on consoles was always the main goal and now it’s being realized…

“We always knew Project Nimbus was destined for console, but we couldn’t have anticipated how successful the Japanese launch of Code Mirai would be. We’re so thrilled to be able to bring the first two acts of our chaotic mecha game to the West as the earliest possible opportunity,”

The game originally came onto the scene during the early days of Steam Greenlight, where the project slowly morphed from the concept phase into a full blown third-person shooter. Several years later the game finally graduated from Steam Early Access back in September, 2017.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for the finished version of the game to see what the gameplay is like.

As pointed out in the comments, the game is a lot like a spiritual successor to Zone of the Enders. For gamers who have been craving and gravitating toward any and every kind of mech-type action shooter experience offered up this generation but laments the lack of a quality third-person shooter from expected properties like Armored Core, then Project Nimbus might be a nice alternative for you.

To keep the action moving fast and fluent, gameplay is fine tuned to be arcade-like, with plenty of long range missile and laser weapons at your disposal, along with close-range melee attacks.

You’ll battle it out across 16 different missions and you can take part in the survival mode once you get done completing the campaign mode.

You can look for Project Nimbus: Code Mirai to arrive April 10th.


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