Selling Sunlight or Getting Your Face Back? Mull it Over Some Chamomile, Why Not

Sun Kotar

Don’t you just hate it when the sun robs your face off?

You laugh, as if this were an earth-shattering enquiry conceived in the shower or daydreaming at a boring internship perhaps, when in fact Selling Sunlight is really a product of the latter, funded by 900-odd backers even.

As if their over-idolatrous relationship with the fiercest star of the solar system was never anything out of the ordinary to begin with, The Golden Priests have gone ahead and strapped an uncomfortable mask to your mug.

No explanations given accept that you may have broken a few rules in the past. Now the sun doesn’t want to look at you and frankly I don’t think it has much of a choice, being tidally locked in place for some 300 years.

Regardless what this has done is split the world in two halves; one where the sun never sets and the other where, well, all sorts of uncanny lifeforms may have festered. Giant bees, glassy-leaved trees, those kinds of things.

Trade thankfully continues to flourish and with a Merchant’s Guild membership in hand, Selling Sunlight leaves it up to you to choose to either of explore the game world, its random interruptions and oddball inhabitants – or unfold the main quest.

The storyline’s loose and the entire experience is meant to linger like a comforting night spent sipping herbal tea. So much so that in your travels across a progressing time-cycle, there will be jobs to conduct, hitchhikers to make pen-pals of, business-men to haggle with and festivals to attend.

Further keeping you social will be four attitudes that let you govern the faceless protagonist’s interactions with each NPC. What interests me apart from the previewed Vibert soundtrack moreover is Selling Sunlight’s water colored graphics.

The acquired funds have made since made possible the use of a high-resolution scanner for its assets, while UI/performance pertinent feedback continues to be addressed in the overall production of its vision.

More on its website.