Seven Years Of Night Intense Trailer Arrives With Film Release
Seven Years of Night

South Korea never ceases to produce some of the best film media in the history of cinema. The country has absolutely dwarfed Hollywood in terms of consistently producing quality content, and they’re also not afraid to tackle mature subject matter without pulling any punches, with films like The Man From Nowhere, The Yellow Sea, Chaser and I Saw The Devil. One of the latest flicks that’s already getting some moviegoers geeked for another quality outing is Seven Years of Night, which just hit select theaters in addition to receiving a launch trailer.

The film follows a dude who mistakenly hits some chick who was frantically running across the street after trekking through the forest. The dude who hit and killed the chick decides to bury the evidence by dumping her body over a cliff.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Hit and Run, the chick’s father is a feared gangster, and after police eventually fish the body out of the river, the gangster decides to go on a hunt for the people responsible for his daughter’s death. You can check out the trailer below from Movie Trailers Source.

The angry father begins to unhatch a brutal and uncompromising plan to seek revenge and justice for his daughter’s death.

The dude who accidentally killed the guy’s daughter goes into a state of fear and panic, while the father begins to beat the crap out of people he suspects of having any sort of part in her death.

The film reminds me of Lee Jeong-ho’s Broken, except the father in this film isn’t a weak novice and doesn’t let the fear of consequences get in his way.

It looks like a good slow-burn thriller, something Hollywood doesn’t know how to produce anymore. They don’t say where the movie is playing exactly, but you can check around for it at local theaters to see if they have it playing in your neck of the woods. Otherwise you can wait for it to hit DVD or Blu-ray.


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