Shenmue 1 And 2 HD Remasters Coming In 2018 For PS4, Steam, Xbox One
Shenmu 1 and 2 HD Remaster

Sega announced the most prosaic news that we’ve known about for some time, and it’s that HD remasters of Shenmue I & II are set to release later this year for the PlayStation 4 in Japan, and in PC, PS4, and Xbox One in the West.

The announcement came courtesy of a live-stream that Sega had as part of FES 2018. The announcement was accompanied by a near minute long trailer showing off the classic Dreamcast games given the HD treatment for the PlayStation 4.

The trailer features a few clips from the original games, with Ryo going into the dojo to find his dead father. He proceeds to go on a journey that eventually takes him to Hong Kong where he seeks revenge against the man who killed his father.

A couple of cinematic sequences are on display, along with an orchestrated remaster of the game’s theme song, which sounds quite nice by the way.

We see a few shots of Ryo traveling through the city streets, visiting dojos, and exploring the crowded alleys and the serene forests while attempting to fulfill his promise of exacting revenge.

The HD remasters will likely arrive ahead of the release of Shenmu III for the PS4 and PC. The crowdfunded project has been slowly making progress over time with infrequent updates that have been making their way online since 2016.

Ys Net managed to secure a publishing partnership with Deep Silver, which is odd given that Sega is the one who will attempt to cash in on the nostalgia by releasing the HD remasters.

I suppose Sega sees an opportunity to leverage the popularity that may surface with the release of Shenmue III, and so they’re wisely releasing the first two games as HD remasters in order to help give PS4, PC, and Xbox One gamers some backstory of Ryo’s adventures so far. It’s not a bad tactic, actually. Potential decent revenue returns on minimal work.

You can check out the official Shenmue web portal on Sega’s website to keep track of when the HD remasters for the first two games will be released.


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