SoulWorker, Korean Action-MMO Now Available For Download On PC

SoulWorker, the anime-inspired, third-person action-MMORPG from South Korean developer, Lion Games, has officially launched for Windows PC and is currently available for download right now.

The game is available in North America and Europe and has been localized for the West courtesy of German publisher, Gameforge.

The free-to-play MMO sees players taking on the roles of four unique heroes known as SoulWorkers. They have special abilities and are capable of dispatching the evil demon hordes who have begun to invade Earth. It’s up to the SoulWorkers to fight back against the hordes and protect civilization by defeating the Great Void and utilize their new powers to defeat the otherworldly bosses before humanity is wiped out. It’s basically like a more hack-and-slash, grindy version of GodEater, but designed around the MMO motif.

The gameplay is also very similar to GodEater, focusing on hack-and-slash gameplay with over-the-shoulder view so you can execute high-end attacks and special maneuvers in style. You can get a glimpse at SoulWorker in action with the trailer below.

I imagine if you enjoyed games like Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet and other team-based hack-and-slash dungeon crawlers with an anime aesthetic, you might enjoy SoulWorker.

The game does limit how you can customize the characters since the classes are restricted to the four playable characters. Of course, this also ties into the narrative that the game attempts to tell in its “playable anime” form.

There are more than 100 dungeons to run, along with the ability to customize certain skill sets and clothing attire for the four main characters.

I imagine a game like this might gain some legs so long as the gameplay is fun and captivating, and so long as Gameforge avoids turning SoulWorker into any sort of political statement. Some localizers these days have gone off the deep end in trying to push their own political narratives into games at the expense of the game and service’s reputation. I imagine if SoulWorker stays clean and clear of that kind of hubbub it might go far as an MMO.

You can either grab the free client from over on the Steam store page or through the official website.


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