Spider-Man PS4 Trailer Showcases Street-Level Combat

Spider-Man PS4

Some new footage has been released for Insomniac Games’ upcoming PS4 exclusive, Spider-Man. The new footage showcases a little bit of Spider-Man’s street level combat mechanics against some local thugs, while also narrowing down the focus on Spider-Man’s movement and traversal abilities.

The new footage is only just a minute long, but any gamer who has been starved for content can check out the video preview below from Game Informer.

There isn’t too much more to see than what has already been showcased over the last E3 and PSX events, but even still you do get witness a little bit of the street level combat that Spider-Man can employ while swinging around New York, cleaning up the streets in ways that the cop refuse to.

We do get to see a little bit of the non-scripted melee combat, where Spider-Man whips out a wooden crate and breaks it over the head of an enemy, while also getting low and webbing up another guy.

In a separate scene we see Spider-Man mixing and matching his attacks, combining some of his web shots with gadgets he’s acquired, one of which electrocutes one of his foes.

The rest of the preview focuses on the web-slinging and traversal. The developers at Insomniac worked really hard to focus on speed and momentum; giving gamers a sense of Spider-Man’s ubiquitously known agility while he glides from building to building while scaling rooftops with running and jumping.

It looks like an improved version of the sort of parkour we’ve come to expect from Assassin’s Creed, but smoother, faster and more fluid.

A release date is expected later date, which will inform gamers about when they will be able to play the upcoming Spider-Man game for PS4. If it’s later in the year, then expect another showcase from the developers at this year’s upcoming E3. If it’s due for release this summer, then I guess you should mark your calendars.

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