Square Enix Details Dragon Quest Builders 2

Nintendo Switch and PS4 fans of Dragon Quest Builders will find yet another adventure to take up by Square Enix through Dragon Quest Builders 2. The Minecraft-like story-based RPG is currently in development, and has new info on it.

While there is no official release date set for Dragon Quest Builders 2, folks looking forward to the game will have new screenshots and information to indulge in thanks to dragonquest.jp/builders2.

Firstly, the sequel game well sport the option of playing as a male or female protagonist, much like the first entry to the series. The protagonist washes ashore an island called the “Vacant Island.” This place, where there is currently nothing, will stand as the base for the player’s grand adventure.

Given that Builders and Builders 2 is a block-building game at heart, where you grow the island through building things, this island is said by Square Enix to be the perfect canvas for players to use in order to progress forward.

The official website also showcases both optional protagonist and the antagonist of Builders 2, which can be seen in the newly posted batch of screens below.

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At the end of the screenshot showcase above there’s also a look at the main villain, Malroth. Also known as the “God of Destruction,” Malroth will mysteriously make an appearance in Builders 2, as mentioned in the official description:

“The subtitle of Dragon Quest Builders 2 includes the surprising name, “God of Destruction Malroth.” While he is the evil god of destruction that appeared in Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, how will he be involved in the story of the Builder who possesses the power to create…?”

Lastly, the game can be played with up to four people, if you don’t want to play as a lone-wolf. However, each person must own a copy of the game to join you.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is set to hit Switch and PS4, and currently has no release date. More details on this game can be found over on dragonquest.jp/builders2.


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