Star Citizen’s Origin 600i Set To Go Live In Alpha 3.2
Star Citizen 600i
(Last Updated On: April 13, 2018)

Now that alpha 3.1.0 has been released, the long road toward alpha 3.2.0 is now underway, and the latest episode of Around the Verse covers the latest development milestones for the Origin.

The episode is just over half an hour in length, covering the development of the Origin 100i, which is the entry level starter ship for Star Citizen.

You can check out the video below.

The 300i is designed to be sleek and cool. They explain that there are three different variants of the Origin 300 series, with a base model for exploration purposes, a variant for cargo transport, and a combat variant for space-oriented dogfighting.

It’s described in the video as somewhat of the Mercedes of personal spacecraft, combining elements of luxury design with efficient functionality.

Star Citizen - 300i Exploration Edition

They noted that the concept art for the Origin 300i is complete, and all the pre-production work on the new ship has been completed, but actual model work and implementation is still a ways out. Chris Roberts approved all of the concept designs and now the art team will have to work on sculpting a design, hollowing out the inside, and designing the aesthetic of the 300i.

Later into the video they also talk about the Origin 600i.

Star Citizen - 600i Cockpit

It’s explained that the ship is designed to be an executive cruiser class, almost similar to a high-end yacht… but for space.

They explain in the video that there is a cargo hold for ground vehicles, and that there is an elevator for the multiple floors, along with escape pods.

They also created a lot of natural lighting access due to having glass doors and creating a lot of elemental lights throughout the ship to ensure that the function doesn’t override the stylings of the ship.

Star Citizen – 600i

Once all of the final art passes are done, the technical design team will be implementing the Origin 600i into Star Citizen.

The executive luxury ship is likely going to be popular for players who run businesses or have some sort of regal standing within the game world.

The 600i is set to launch in full in the upcoming alpha 3.2 release.

Two more ships on the Banu side are also scheduled to enter into the pipeline starting sometime during the fourth quarter of 2018 for a release in 2019. The team currently working on the 600i will split into two teams to begin work on the two new ships.

They’ve also reworked the old Avenger and made the new one larger so that you no longer have to crawl through the ship in order to get through the cargo area.

Just like the 300i, the Avenger comes in three different forms, with the Stalker, the Titan and the Warlock.

You can keep track of the pipeline development of the ships and the roadmap for the implementation of the ships by visiting the official Star Citizen website.

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