Starship Corporation, Spaceship Building Sim Graduates From Early Access On May 3rd

Starship Corporation

German developer, Coronado Games, and Dutch publisher, Iceberg Interactive, announced that their spaceship-building simulator, Starship Corporation, will officially graduate from Early Access on May 3rd, 2018 next month for PC.

The game will launch in full after having spent two years going through the developmental paces in Early Access, with the developers having incorporated plenty of feedback and features from the community.

The game is themed around building and designing your very own functional starship. These aren’t just average ships either, we’re talking about the futuristic, state-of-the-art kind that would make Captain Kirk smirk with envy.

The idea is to to not only build ships but sell them to meet the demands of the galaxy. You can see what the gameplay and the visuals are like with the launch trailer below.

This is an extremely complex game. You’ll need to outline the bridge, the engineering rooms, the engine room, the medbay, the crew quarters, the cooling chambers, the power conductors, the shield generators, the stairs to get to each floor, how the ship gels with the hull, and each and every component that goes into making the ship functional.

There are a lot of moving parts in the game, along with the ability to research new types of tech to power the ship and make various types of ships, ranging from cruisers to dreadnoughts, to capital ships.

You’ll venture across the galaxy, designing and selling ships, along with engaging in the game’s fully fleshed out campaign mode.

Some gamers have given it a low score on Steam due to how complex and layered it is, while others have praised it for this various reason.

Hopefully Coronado Games can flesh out a solid balance between complexity and intuitiveness.

You can look for Starship Corporation to go live on May 3rd, next month when it finally exits Early Access. For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.