State Of Decay 2 Videos Preview Dismemberment, Crafting, Vehicular Carnage
State of DEcay 2
(Last Updated On: April 8, 2018)

Various outlets have managed to get their hands on some gameplay footage of Undead Labs’ upcoming open-world zombie survival game for Xbox and Windows 10. The footage was captured during demonstrations at this year’s PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts.

The first video is a two minute gameplay video from Undead Labs, which they posted up over on their YouTube channel. You can check out the two minute clip below.

It showcases a few of the scenarios that players will encounter, including some of the environments they’ll traverse through, such as open fields, forested areas, and even trekking through a wind farm.

The building and management mechanics from the first game have also returned, along with the ability to craft new materials and select from any of the characters in the community.

The new physics-based throwing mechanic is put on display, where we see that smaller zombies can be picked up and tossed into other zombies, not unlike in Saints Row 2, where you could pick up and throw NPCs.

The second video features eight minutes of gameplay, with a survivor riding in an armored vehicle and stopping at a nearby store to fight off a couple of zombies and attempt to turn a convenient store into an outpost. You can check it out, courtesy of Gamespot.

Targeted dismemberment is in, which means that as you swing swords, axes, and other sharp weapons at zombies it will dismember whatever part you’re aimed at, including arms, legs and heads.

You will have a stamina meter, however, so you can’t go around doing Dynasty Warriors since your character will eventually get tired and stop swinging as hard.

Additionally, any place that you come across can be entered, from storage facilities to stores to houses.

The chick in the video ends up encountering another survivor, but the dude gets hostile for no reason and she ends up blowing half his face off with a shotgun blast. The fight is pretty janky, so hopefully that gets fixed by the time the game launches.

State of Decay 2 is due out May 22nd, next month for the Xbox One and Windows 10.

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