System Shock Remake Returning To Original Vision After Hiatus

In a new update post published on System Shock Remake’s Kickstarter page, comes news from Nightdive Studios on screenshots, the hiatus, the return to the original vision of System Shock Remake, and more.

Firstly, you can look over new screens released by Nightdive Studios depicting System Shock Remake below.

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Secondly, Nightdive Studios CEO, Stephen Kick, revealed that after spending more time with the community, the studio has gone back to the original vision. But it’s also worth noting that the real reason behind the revert is due to a deal with a potential publisher for a “bigger, better game” that fell through seven months after initially making the pitch — causing the team to reevaluate the game.

In addition to the above, the team has made some tough decisions which included laying off developers on the project. The devs are now left with a “concentrated team” that “consists of the original developers who worked on the Unity demo.”

The “well-regarded demo,” released as part of the original Kickstarter campaign will inform the revised direction of System Shock Remake. However, Nightdive notes that System Shock will be developed using the Unreal Engine, contrary to the Unity Engine switch made early last year.

Nightdive Studios also released the source code for the original System Shock game. Here’s a description via the Kickstarter page detailing what it’s all about:

“This first release is the original, unaltered source code that was discovered by OtherSide Entertainment and graciously shared with us a few months ago. It is Power Mac native so will require an emulation tool which we’ve linked in the repo. We have been hard at work updating this code and plan to release a new version of System Shock: Enhanced Edition as well as the code in the near future.”

The official portal to the repo can be found by hitting up

The third notice via the update comes music of System Shock Remake. Along with the return to the previous art style and overall direction, the team’s audio department is also trying to get priorities straight. You can be the judge of the suite named “Welcome Back To Citadel Station” from the medical deck.

Lastly, the team stated that the game could ship past 2019 and might have a tentative 2020 release.

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