Tekken 7 Denuvo Fix For FPS Issues Is Coming Soon, Says Harada
Tekken 7 Denuvo

Fans have been peppering Tekken 7 producer Katsuhiro Harada with questions about the recent patch that dropped for the game on PC. The 3GB update added the latest in Denuvo’s anti-tamper DRM, which has been causing some major performance slowdowns for PC gamers.

According to Harada, a fix will be coming soon to address the performance issues that Denuvo is causing.

Someone tried to gamesplain to Harada about DRM forcing people to move toward piracy, but Harada was having none of it. He explained that piracy isn’t something he’s concerned about and Denuvo wasn’t his idea.

Basically Bandai Namco decided to include Denuvo, but according to Harada it wasn’t something he cared about or seemed to want included in the game.

As pointed out by legitimate PC customers, the Denuvo update only harms legitimate buyers of Tekken 7 since the crackers and the pirates are going to crack and pirate the game regardless.

For now this means that Tekken 7 owners on PC will have to settle for the frame-rate issues and judder when using certain specials, just until the update arrives and the Denuvo problem is fixed, specifically for Akuma, Geese, and Eliza. The user reviews on Steam are currently “Mixed” right now until Namco addresses the problem.

A similar issue also occurred with RiME on PC, except Tequila Works promised to remove the DRM if crackers could crack it, and just one day later the crackers cracked the DRM. Thankfully the developers kept to their word and removed Denuvo.


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