The Endless Mission Will Sport A Single-Player Story And Sandbox Features

Looking for a game to create your own game(s)? Indie development team E-Line Media are looking to ship the sandbox player made game, The Endless Mission, this summer. The sandbox title will let you make games, mix genres, or share challenges for random people to compete in. The Endless Mission is currently slated to hit PC via Steam Early Access.

We covered this game before here, but if you’re wondering what is The Endless Mission, well the game is a modding tool sandbox experience that mixes single-player story elements with the option to share created assets and events with other players:

“The Endless Mission invites you on a journey where mysterious forces take you behind the scenes of iconic game genres. In this creation sandbox game, you can mashup, mix, and modify those genres, and unlock powerful Unity-based tools to create your own experiences to share with the community.”

The Early Access version of The Endless Mission will have both a story and creative mode. The former mode features the initial story arc and mission content that will walk you through using the tool-sets while exploring the world.

The latter mode will let you dive into the creation tools and begin creating custom games and genres via the game’s “conjuring and modding mechanic.”

Although The Endless Mission is single-player focused, the devs want the full version to support multiplayer content creation tools. Before the full release, though, the devs are planning to ship weekly blog updates to share and host themed challenges that will highlight community generated content.

If you haven’t seen the official trailer already, you can get a good look at The Endless Mission right here.

Lastly, this game sports unprecedented integrated tools for modification and creation built upon the Unity engine, a story mode by Sleep Deprivation Labs, and real-time modification of in-game assets to change up gameplay, which will be followed by free DLC in the future.

If your curiosity is still high, you can learn more about The Endless Mission by paying the game’s Steam Early Access page or a visit.


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