The Universim To Hit Steam Early Access This Summer

Taking a look over to the indie side of gaming comes the announcement from publisher and developer Crytivo Games, where they revealed that The Universim will hit Steam Early Access this summer. The game that’s been in development since 2014 is looking to release in an early playable state for PC this summer.

If you’re into games about creating lifeforms and watching them grow and build a culture with history attached, then you may find Crytivo Games’ Universim something worth keeping an eye on.

According to a new update post over on folks can find a long string of information detailing upcoming features and a summer Early Access release for the world creation sim, as listed below:

“Today, we are happy to announce the release window for The Universim on Steam Early Access. The game will be coming this summer! The exact date will be revealed in a few weeks.”

If you want a nice look at what The Universim has to offer, two long gameplay videos are up. The videos run through a lot of stuff that you can do in the game, which the alpha gameplay sessions come in by YouTubers Biffa Plays Indie Games and Merric Gaming.

Given that The Universim is still under the development curtain it should be noted that the upcoming release date might change in the near future. According to an update post on it is said the  game’s Early Access release sits around August 28th, 2018.

In addition to the above, most indie games attempting to do something big or that have a future date set usually have trouble meeting their release without a delay. With that said, expect The Universim to release as early as August 28th, but as late as Q3 2018.

If The Universim seems like a nice game to follow, you can keep up with it by heading on over to or its Steam Early Access page.

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