Absolutely No Retiring in This Massive Galaxy

Honestly talking Crime Code yesterday was no easy undertaking.

Yeah it was a Monday but then there came this highly manipulative network of Cyberpunk-themed adventures the internet is wont to throw at me ever so often, Massive Galaxy being one such excursion.

Having your retirement plans pre-empted is no fun. Especially when the last of your deliveries involves confiscated unauthorized cargo, a terrible concussion, and a destroyed means of livelihood that was once your space-freighter.

But when this serves as a pretext to set out on a Harrison Ford-like space odyssey, perhaps things start to look a little less bleak. From Galactic Maps to System Maps to Warp Stations, Massive Galaxy is an ambitious non-procedural invitation to explore systems/planets/habitats.

Each with a distinct blend of cultures, civilizations, business modus, and parallax reminiscent of the 1990s. On-foot commutes might naturally seem daunting, so thankfully there are taxis, subways, Holo Advisors and all sorts of wonders to be hailed.

While you’re at it you may play trader, buying/selling items across the barriers of space, or freelance your way through odd jobs like, I don’t know, repairing asteroid-hit space stations, couriering, spying, smuggling or whatever’s hip at the Job Store.

Attained profits may tend towards new ship/freighter upgrades and accessories.

And yet peace and quiet is not to be expected even in the darkest recesses so turn-based combat is an option. Hiring a crew might simplify matters but even this can be iffy; perhaps investing in a drone companion would be a wiser alternative?

It’s not like you won’t have picky customers and the branching plot that began this whole Han Solo chapter to contend with any way. Quite appropriately the soundtrack then is synth-laden courtesy of Martyn Stonehouse and Matthew Dawnson with Kirokaze on art.

Massive Galaxy is on Steam pending release which originally seemed due for a 2017 window. 2018 meanwhile is looking like a better prospect.