I Took Photon Highway but Hexoplanet is Really Where I Want to Be
(Last Updated On: April 10, 2018)

Atmospheric is what I want for breakfast.

The sheer number of independent arcade racers willing to cater to my boyhood might be plenty, but that very many can set the sun, shift space-time continuum or make me want to revisit The Endless River like Max Gittel does I doubt.

Photon Highway is a physics-bender, originally a 4-week Unity lesson that evolved into a 4-month experiment as per Gittel’s own admission. It’s free-to-play on itch.io, wants me to break the light-barrier at times, slow down at others and nearly miss obstacles in between.

Through all this I’m allowed to warp the road ahead with my keyboard, stacking points on a solitary scoreboard as I drive towards the next of what is 10 different locales in my choice of vehicle. I’ve been terrible at it so far but then I couldn’t care less about quitting.

Jamal Green and his two-track number keeps me coming back for more.

What Photon Highway also seems to be is one big digression from Hexoplanet; Gittel’s next that he’s been silently tweeting about with equally enamoring art for well over a year now.

I could simply leave you with his Cartrdge but amid the standard tilt-shifts I’ve found that it’s simulation/strategy with a mix of city-building, path-finding and tower defense.

The aesthetics are beautifully sunlit against themes of procedurally generated star-gazing observatories, environmental pollution, drone deliveries, foliage and effects of weather. Plus OBE looks great against white, doesn’t he?

Something of an oil-painter himself, Gittel had originally hinted at more information sometime around the end of last year but for now it seems like an official developer-log could still be a while.

If the microscopic water planet and its natural satellite fails to hold your interest despite all of the above though, the rest of his prior mobile creations look to be worth a visit.

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