Trod the Path to Mnemosyne on Either of PC, PS4, Xbox One or Switch

It seems that by Devilish Games’ own admission, King Lucas is what really proved impetus to Path To Mnemosyne.

The former marked the Spanish game development studio’s first foray onto Steam after nearly 20 years of MS DOS, OUYA, GameStick and mobile based projects; the mediocrity of its sales and mixed reception however has since taken the team through phases of experimentation culminating in what’s called infinite zoom.

A motif that might only be too familiar for the company with a history in advergames, the hypnotic effects of the technique is entirely what makes up the basis of Path To Mnemosyne’s third-person puzzler.

Originally announced September 2017, players take over an anonymous youngling and the accompaniment of a strange voiceover as they attempt to piece together memories past; nothing out of the ordinary, presumably, but with minimalistic scripting, an open structure and Hellenestic ties to be had.

Keeping things bizarrely tense apart from its limited color palette are an abundance of puzzles of the logical and perspective kind.

One requires players to manipulate the platforms that contain them in an attempt to gather bluish-orbs, these being memories that they must then piece together at the end of the level to advance the underlying narrative.

Si eres juez del IGF 2018 o vas a asistir a AzPlay Bilbao podrás jugar a Path to Mnemosyne y disfrutar de puzzles como este:

Posted by DevilishGames on Friday, October 20, 2017

A fairly simple proposition it seems, but after a slew of prior acknowledgements from the likes of A MAZE, IndiePrize, the MomoCon Indie Awards, AzPlay and the Valencia Indie Summit, the reins to the game’s console release have now been picked up by Hidden Trap.

These being the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, all while the Steam build wraps up the final leg of its production ahead of an estimated late 2018 launch.

Currently very playable by the enthusiastic at AMAZE Berlin (25th – 29th April), Path To Mnemosyne will further be seen at MomoCon Atlanta (24th -27th May) and Casual Connect London’s Indie Prize Showcase (29th – 31st May) later this year.


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