Upgrade’s Red Band Trailer Features Exploding Heads And Gun-Hands
Upgrade - Logan Marshall-Green

Blumhouse seems to be on a streak of producing some interesting flicks lately. They really set the stage with The Purge, and caused controversy with Get Out, but it looks like they want to become a legitimate threat to the traditional big players in Hollywood by making a cool, low-budget, sci-fi flick with some top-notch gore and some interesting action sequences.

Logan Marshall-Green does his best impersonation of Tom Hardy, as the lead character who succumbs to a paraplegic condition after being jumped by four guys. His wife is killed and he’s bed-ridden for life… that is, until a scientist comes with a proposition he can’t refuse.

In what’s essentially a mix of RoboCop meets Death Sentence, Logan is given a cybernetic upgrade, not unlike what’s featured in Deus Ex. Only this time around, the upgrade comes with a built-in AI system with audio/visual recognition, optical scanning, and auditory communication. This essentially turns Logan’s character into a walking death machine.

You can check out the red band trailer below courtesy of Movieclips Trailers, featuring car chases, violent fisticuffs, tons of spoilers, and an exploding head scene.

The movie appears to start off with a grounded take on revenge – a mechanic getting in over his head after tracking down the guys who killed his wife. However, the sci-fi aspects kick into play when the AI is given control over Logan’s body and he begins to unleash deadly pimp-slaps and ball-busting kung-fu maneuvers.

We see some cool chase sequences take place, a neat collection of hand-to-hand fisticuffs on display, and plenty of practical effects with gory results. I can’t say that I have anything to complain about with the Upgrade trailer, other than that they give a lot of the movie’s action sequences away.

Upgrade (2018)

Now, I don’t know if there’s going to be some sort of hidden twist to the film or if it’s just going to be a “what you see is what you get flick”, but either way it looks rock solid. Logan could end up carving out a career as a poor man’s Tom Hardy, which is a-okay if he continues to make worthwhile action films and cool sci-fi flicks. Heck, a bunch of people might be willing to forgive him for appearing in that gosh awful Prometheus.

You can look for Upgrade to appear in theaters starting June 1st with a nice, big, juicy hard-‘R’ rating attached.


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