Valhall, Medieval Game Receives New Gameplay Trailer

Blackrose Arts are looking to ship out a “medieval” game called Valhall. The PC game in question is currently on IndieGoGo and seeks $30,000, but to spread awareness about Valhall the dev team released a new gameplay trailer.

Valhall can either be played in first-person or third-person and, at its heart, is yet another Battle Royale game. Blackrose Arts are attempting to mix up said genre by adding a few different components to the game, which seems to have swayed enough people on IndieGoGo to pledge $11,965 as of this writing.

You can be the judge of Valhall and watch the official gameplay trailer below. The latest video trailer on Vahall comes in by Blackrose Arts.

To summarize Valhall’s story, it is said that you are one of the survivors from the last battle of Odin’s army. Additionally, almost all your comrades have lost their lives fighting against a formidable enemy, which is followed by an impending apocalypse that will destroy everything.

In an attempt to stop this destruction, better known as Ragnarök, the best of Odin’s warriors hurry back to retrieve the sword of Odin. The sword hones mighty power over all natural forces, which is predicted to be enough to stop Ragnarök.

To gain access to the sword of Odin you will have to fight with other players for the right to possess the sword and save Midgard from destruction, which sees 50 people fighting to wield the sword.

Right now, Valhall currently has 60 percent more funds to accrue over on IndieGoGo to reach its goal of $30,000. In other words, the game has $11,965 and needs $18,045 to go before its 23 days are up.

If you want to learn more about Valhall or you wish to help back the project you can head on over to IndieGoGo. More information on Balckrose Arts can be found on


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