Vampyr’s Story Trailer Crafts A Narrative Around The Troubles Of Being A Vampire

Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive released a new story trailer for the upcoming thriller-RPG, Vampyr. It helps give gamers a quick rundown of Dr. Jonathan Reid’s predicament of having become a blood-sucking vampire, while also showing off Dontnod’s artistic side.

The trailer clocks in at just under three minutes. It features Dr. Reid in a pit of bodies, where he was tossed under the presumption that he was dead. The voiceover reveals that Dr. Reid is not dead, but rather… undead.

A melancholy song from Phlotilla that features Mona Najib plays in the background as we see Dr. Reid emerge from the pit of bodies and embrace his awakening as a vampire. You can check out the trailer below.

The song is themed around not fearing the reaper, which seems apropos for Reid’s situation. Eventually the trailer transitions from the black and white filter to a more color-imbued look at the Doc’s struggles to deal with seemingly coming back from the dead only to be shot by a cop. I guess if Twitter existed back then he could have hopped online and started a #VampireLivesMatter movement.

Anyway, he eventually comes to terms with his vampirism while also discovering that there are a string of murders taking place throughout London that he describes as being “primitive”.

During his investigations he also succumbs to his own urges and lusts for blood.

Dr. Reid will be lured into the underworld of vampires while also dealing with an increasing threat from the Church who begins to send hunters to wipe them out of the London area.

The game is themed around players having to make the choice of using Dr. Reid to either become stronger as a vampire, feeding on the lowly, sickly residents of the plague-stricken city, or attempt to help the people by becoming a champion for the downtrodden and disabled.

Throughout the game you’ll still have to keep the Doc fed, and this will play into how he evolves or whether or not he’s willing to sacrifice certain people and deal with the consequences that follow.

Vampyr is due out on June 5th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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