Venom Trailer Reveals First Full Look At Tom Hardy As Venom
Venom - Tom Hardy

The full reveal trailer for Sony Pictures’ Venom film finally dropped and it gives viewers nearly three minutes of footage for the upcoming anti-super hero flick.

It’s a little disappointing because plot-wise we see that this isn’t the vengeful, envious, luck-adled Eddie Brock from the Spider-Man series. This is instead a competent, scruffy Eddie Brock who enjoys his job, has a hot chick for a girlfriend, and ends up running afoul of a dangerous, evil Middle-Eastern scientist working with the alien Symbiote.

After teaming up with a Liberal to break out the people trapped in the lab (because we all know Liberals hate evolutionary capitalism) Brock finds himself infected with the Symbiote. Together, they form Venom. Cue chase scenes, tentacle attacks, and a giant Venom head with razor sharp teeth and a long tongue with plenty of secretion.

There were some people complaining about how Venom looked on the Facebook page. Others, however, seemed excited about Sony’s depiction of the anti-hero.

I can readily say that Venom, as an effect, looks a lot more menacing than anything Marvel probably would have come up with.

His head looks kind of weird, but when he opens his mouth the teeth and tongue effects look really good.

Venom - We Are Venom

You can tell that the design team really wanted to do the depiction of the Venom suit and symbiosis correctly, mirroring it properly after the comic book incarnation.

So far I think the film looks okay. The action beats look kind of dumb – that motorcycle chase scene is typical Hollywood fanfare, and the apartment fight sequence isn’t much of a fight at all.

Even still, Tom Hardy really does seem to be putting effort into his turn as Eddie Brock, and if Sony doesn’t screw it up too badly, maybe, just maybe, they can force their way into MCU?

I didn’t spot any SJW pandering, so instantaneously it’s probably worth a watch when it hits theaters this fall.


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