Venture Kid, Mega Man-Inspired Platformer Launches May 3rd On Steam

Venture Kid

Snikkabo AS and FDG Entertainment announced that Venture Kid, the NES-style Mega Man-inspired platformer, will officially launch on Steam starting May 3rd next month.

Surprisingly the game is not being released for the Nintendo Switch, even though this seems like a perfect title to drop for Nintendo’s little hybrid console. However, it will be available exclusively for Steam users starting early May.

Venture Kid takes on an 8-bit retro motif with classic, challenge-based platforming and a chiptune soundtrack. The game features a variety of bosses to beat, precision-based controls, and various secrets to uncover. The game features nine different levels to complete, and eight different power-ups you can collect along the way. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The plot is pretty simple, an evil Dr. Teklov is building a secret weapon in his space fortress, and it’s up to Andy to journey through a variety of levels to reach the fortress and destroy the weapon. Yes, it’s a classic Commander Keen style plot, but those were the plots that worked best back in the day.

The gameplay is very similar to the classic Mega Man titles, where you’ll need to time your jumps, plan your attacks and think fast with your thumbs.

I imagine a lot of players who enjoyed new-school retro classics like Cave Story will take a liking to Venture Kid with its throwback, old-school level designs and tactical power-ups.

In fact, since Capcom has been slow to capitalize on the Mega Man fandom, and Comcept failed to cash in properly with Mighty No. 9, gamers who want a true Mega Man clone might want to keep an eye on Venture Kid.

You can keep track of the game by following it or adding it to your wishlist by visiting the Steam store page. Alternatively you can learn more about Venture Kid by dropping by the official website.

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