Warfighter Trailer Sees American Soldiers Taking The Fight To Iran
Warfighter (2018)

Iran has become the number one target for the U.S. Lots of talk about war and invasion and nuclear programs have centered around the mid-east region. Well, it looks like the movie business is cashing in on the hysteria as well, with the latest movie, Warfighter, recently launching on Amazon as a streaming film.

The trailer for the action war-drama centers around a handful of soldiers sent across the Iranian border in order to get eyes on the ground and discover what happened to four other missing Delta operatives. Like many other recent war flicks, the main characters each have their own hardships to deal with outside of their missions, as well as trying to cope with home life while suffering through PTSD.

Of course, the meat of the film is about the soldiers finding out what happened to the four missing special operators, and attempting to make it back across the border. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movie Access Trailers.

The hook for the film is that the recon squad sent into Iran won’t have any support whatsoever, so they’re all on their own. This results in them eventually discovering some prisoners held by the Iranian forces while attempting to make it back across the border while being pursued by the Iranian soldiers.

Given that Movie Access Trailers caters to an international audience, there’s a lot of anti-American military sentiment in the comment section, with plenty of people taking a crap on the movie for being patriotic.

Apparently trying to convince the international audience to ratchet up hate for Iran is going to be a little bit more difficult than in year’s past.

With both the Koreas joining forces and the international unions weighing in on Iran with its nuclear program, it’s tough to find good foreign villains in movies these days.

On the upside, a lot of Americans who have become disgruntled with the lack of Arab and Muslim villains in action movies, can find plenty of them in Warfighter. Whether or not this will help with the movie’s sales and engagement remain to be seen, but if the action is solid and realistic it might be a worthwhile flick. Some people note that it seems similar to Act of Valor, which was a somewhat underrated action flick from back in 2012.


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