Welcome To The Future. I’d Like a Home Delivery, Please.

Off late Facebook’s been doing a neat job throwing me all sorts of pew-pew style recommendations when I’m not really a massive fan of the genre.

I might click through a few in favor of open-world exploration, I concede, but the starry multi-player alien action and hot-blooded audio quickly overwhelms. Welcome To The Future though feels different. 

Some pics of the new eclipse effect and improved atmosphere shader!

Posted by Welcome to the Future on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Actually I’d like to cite the above snapshots — stunning, no? — as reason enough and go about my day but developer Marc Fabricius tells me that I’m to play entrepreneur of the distant future; my forte being home deliveries across the vast solar system that is ours.

Strangely Euro Truck Simulator is not listed among the Danish developer’s primary inspirations nor is No Man’s Sky. In fact it’s been all Futurama and Blade Runner to him ever since deciding to hop on the CryEngine and design a few futuristic 3D vehicular concepts circa 2015.

Now there’s plenty to gawk at across this low-poly space-themed escapade that’s since been ported to the Unreal Engine. We’re talking massive mother ships with intricate mechanics/physics, ships inside ships, cockpits and spaces to chill.

Been a while since i've made any updates, so here's a short one! Working on the interior of the mothership, where you'll…

Posted by Welcome to the Future on Saturday, March 31, 2018

As you travel from planet-to-planet establishing trade routes you’ll have procedurally generated asteroids/meteors to contend with,  a few familiar faces, fierce enemy A.I and quite possibly some on-foot run-ins with competing rivals.

Fabricius understands that the emotional/mental toil of an entrepreneur which is why he’s also including wormholes/telestations for insta-travel, fully-worked terrains/populace for individual planets and the ability to just leave everything on auto-pilot.

Ambitious? Very much so and while it doesn’t seem like he’ll be meeting the estimated March 17th, 2018 demo release window any more, a largely interactive Discord server is maintained for those willing to constructively shape The Future.

Merry Christmas to everyone!! Here's some more space pics, working hard on making it seamless and fun to travel from planet to planet. Gameplay video should be out soon! 🙂

Posted by Welcome to the Future on Saturday, December 23, 2017

Also Davey Kanabus’ space exploration soundtrack isn’t bad at all, yeah? I’m keeping an eye on this one.


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