Without Escape Launches On Steam, Itch.io, Windows Store For $6.99
Without Escape

I don’t know why Bumpy Trail Games’ Without Escape launched on Steam, itch.io and the Windows Store without paying a visit to the DRM-free storefront of GOG.com, but there are some decisions made by some people that I will never be able to figure, and that’s probably one of them.

Anyway, the classically made point-and-click horror title is currently available to download from digital distributors for only $6.99. During the first week of being on sale you can actually get Without Escape at a discounted rate of 30% off, so it only costs $4.89.

The game is based around a horrific nightmare scenario where as the player-character you find yourself trapped in a terrifying situation. It starts when your parents leave for a night out on the town and things begin going awry when you notice that the house begins to distort and change. Eventually it’s no longer your house but a hellscape with floors of lava and torment lurking around every corner.

Your objective is to solve the puzzles and find a way out of the hell-house before you’re consumed by it. The gameplay is designed to mimic old-school point-and-click puzzle games like Myst and Riven, with high quality imagery and storytelling to help bring Without Escape to life. You can check out the launch trailer below.

The objective is to solve the puzzles, avoid the traps, and get out alive. Miguel Antonio Rivera Casas, the founder of Bumpy Trail Games, commented in the press release that this is the original game from the Xbox Live Indie Games but upgraded to a full game release on PC. Casas explained…

“It’s been said that home is where the heart is – but occasionally, home is where your beating heart is ripped out from your chest by a rusty chain … under the gaze of a single giant eye on the wall. If you remember the original Without Escape on Xbox Live Indie Games, think of this release as the remaster you didn’t know you needed!”

You can pick up a digital copy from Steam, the Windows Store or itch.io for just $6.99. For more info feel free to visit the official website, or you can download a demo from the Steam store page.


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