Without Escape, Old-School Point-And-Click Horror Game Launches April 24th
Without Escape

Bumpy Trail Games’ Without Escape is a point-and-click thriller designed to resonate with gamers who enjoyed old-school FMV horror games like The Beast Within or Night Trap. It combines the horror and thrills factor with puzzle-solving and exploration found in games like Myst and The Island of Dr. Brain.

Without Escape is due to release on Steam and the Itch.io store starting April 24th, 2018 for $6.99. During the first week of being on sale you’ll be able to get the game for 30% off the original price, meaning you only have to pay $4.89 for it.

The game is about traveling into a horror-filled nightmare after your parents leave you alone at home when they go to visit your grandparents. At around 2:45am things take a drastic and frightening turn, where you find yourself in a desperate fight for survival and attempt to regain control of your reality and escape the hellscape transformation that your home is going through.

A gameplay trailer featuring some of the gameplay and puzzle-solving can be viewed below.

You can definitely see the similarities to games like Myst, with the transitional scene setup for the movement and traversal, and the closely-captured puzzle sequences that demand your attention.

The hellscape transformation of the house is reminiscent of Silent Hill but looks closer to something out of A Nightmare On Elm Street.

The text-oriented storytelling is also a definite throwback to the old point-and-click scene-structured puzzle games of old, and the high-quality graphics and assets will likely appeal to gamers who enjoy being immersed in story-oriented titles that are like novels come to life.

You can definitely see the old-school appeal in a game like Without Escape. I can’t readily say how much playability gamers will get out of it and whether or not the story will be gripping enough to keep fans of the genre glued to the screen long enough to complete it, but if you’re interested in the game you can look to grab a copy on April 24th on the itch.io page or via the Steam store. There’s also a free demo available on the itch.io page if you were interested in checking it out ahead of release.


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