Worlds Adrift, MMO Game Heading To Early Access On May 17th

An MMO that is said to feature physics-based ships, a world with no load screens, dynamic weather, and animals that breed and migrate, comes Bossa Studios’ Worlds Adrift. The game is set to hit PC via Steam Early Access on May 17th, 2018.

Worlds Adrift is all about community driven adventures, this means no procedurally generated environments are in the game, which is instead replaced with player made maps through Worlds Adrift’s Island Creator.

Moreover, it looks like the MMO is shaping up quite well and will be in a better state for existing players and newcomers alike by the time the Early Access phase begins. On April 10th, Bossa Studios announced that Worlds Adrift will hit Early Access on May 17th.

A new trailer that YouTuber MathChief posted up joins the game’s official description, which both lie below for you to look over:

“The world is broken, shattered from a calamity that time has since forgot. It now falls to you to seek out and restore any lasting hope of unity. Build a ship. Rally a crew. Explore a sky of peril and wonder.”

The community seems to be sticking around and supporting both the devs and Worlds Adrift, since the game has lasted for a couple of years now. It’s unclear whether or not the original fans and new fans will support the game when it launches through Steam Early Access the same way they did during the pre-Early Access builds, but time will surely tell.

Furthermore, if you are into low-poly graphics and enjoy creating your own stories and missions, instead of pre-planned missions for you and your crew to partake in, then Worlds Adrift is a game that you should keep your eyes on.

More information surrounding this MMO game can be found by heading on over to the new blog post announcement detailing the above, or by visiting


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