Yakuza 6 Survey Wants To Know If You Want Hokuto Ga Gotoku localized

Hokuto ga Gotoku localized

Folks who like the Yakuza series of games will find that Yakuza 6: The Song of Life was released in the West for PS4. Joining the game’s release comes an interesting turn of events where Sega is looking for user feedback through a survey. The survey, however, wants to know if you would like to see Hokuto ga Gotoku localized.

Catching wind from seganerds.com we learn that there’s a survey that you can take for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, which later asks participants if Fist of the North Star or Hokuto ga Gotoku should head to the West. You can take the survey over on yakuza.sega.com.

The publication site makes mention that this isn’t out of the norm, several of Sega’s recent games appear with surveys to better understand its audience. What is interesting about this whole thing is that Hokuto ga Gotoku could come Westward if enough interest is reflected in each filled survey.

If you are curious about the survey and what it has to say about the non-localized action-adventure game, Hokuto ga Gotoku, it reads:

“While no localization has been announced at this time, how interested are you in the Fist of the North Star game created by the developers of Yakuza?”

The query is followed by options such as, “would not buy it” “I probably wouldn’t buy it,” I’d buy it under the right conditions,” I’d probably buy it,” and “day one! I would pre-order it.”

While this survey shows that Sega is considering localization of Hokuto ga Gotoku, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll see a full release. If you are a fan of the Yakuza games and appreciate what Hokuto ga Gotoku has to offer, it’s best that you hit up the survey to give your opinion on both games in hopes that a localized version of the latter title comes to fruition.

Hokuto ga Gotoku launched early last month for PS4 on March 8th in Japan.

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