Zombie Watch, Co-op Post Apocalyptic Survival Game Preps For Early Access Launch
Zombie Watch

David Grof’s Zombie Watch is prepping to enter into Early Access on Steam very soon. The game is a post apocalyptic zombie survival game where you’re one of the last few survivors on the planet. With majority of the population turned into flesh-eating hordes of the undead, you and a handful of your friends can work together to survive in the harsh and unforgiving world ruled by the walking dead.

Zombie Watch! is an isometric survival game, themed around collecting resources, hunting wildlife, mining for ore, and building up a self-sustaining base to withstand attacks from the zombie hordes.

You’ll need to scavenge for weapons, craft armor, concoct and acquire medicine, as well as keep your character nourished and healthy, avoiding succumbing to the harsh weather and the unforgiving nature of a world gone mad.

The hook for Zombie Watch is that the game centers around a very realistic ecosystem where you’ll need to stay aware of your surroundings and make use of the natural elements that may or may not be in your favor. Limited inventory space means you have to pack carefully when scavenging for supplies, keeping room for food, clothing, weapons, and medicine.

Obviously, the hook for the game is surviving through the zombie hordes, of which there are plenty. You can check out the trailer below.

The game has gone through some huge changes since its original inception. In fact, in the old prototype videos it looked more like some kind of fantasy medieval project rather than a game about surviving in a harsh world about zombies.

Over the last year some major updates, upgrades, and improvements were made to give the game its own unique identity to stand out from other titles on the market like Project Zomboid.

Some gamers have been saying that Zombie Watch is like an isometric version of 7 Days To Die.

Like many other survival games you have base building, crafting, and the scavenging to keep things interesting, especially when different types of zombie hordes decide to ransack your place.

Weapons range from melee devices to pistols to machine guns and everything else in between.

You can keep track of Zombie Watch in preparation for its Early Access run by visiting the Steam store page. Alternatively you can add it to your wishlist or follow it for notifications on when it will be available for purchase.


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