Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus Set To Hit PC Via Steam Early Access Soon

Publisher and developer Membraine Studios will release Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus, a 3D turn-based strategy game on PC via Steam Early Access sometime soon. Dominus is an adaptation of Games Workshop’s Titan Legions tabletop game that puts you in control of the powerful weapons. As a commander, you will have access to units from the Warhammer 40K universe like the Warhounds, Reavers, and the Warlord, for both the Imperial and Chaos factions.

Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus at its heart will feature a Skirmish mode where you can face-off with an AI opponent in a single-player setup. Dominus also features an online multiplayer mode. However, post Early Access, the full release will offer a single-player campaign.

As for gameplay and factions, in Dominus you can choose to control a force of Titans from the Legions of Astorum (Warp Runners), Gryphonicus (War Griffons), Crucius (Warmongers) or Osedax (The Cockatrices), or the Chaos Legions of Mortis (Death Heads), Vulcanum (Dark Fire), Damnosus (Lords of Ruin) and Fureans (Tiger Eyes).

If you want more insight on Dominus, you can read over the official description and watch the 2018 teaser trailer courtesy of DT Gaming.

“Adeptus Titanicus: Dominus, the 3D turn-based strategy PC game adaptation of Games Workshop’s Titan Legions tabletop game, puts you in control of the greatest weapons available to the Imperium of Man, the mighty Titans of the Adeptus Titanicus!”

Furthermore, Dominus utilizes the tabletop Titan Legions rules system as a base foundation. In other words, the devs want Dominus to be “easy-to-play” yet “strategic and tactical” through a streamlined command system, which sees you and your opponent giving activation orders in a “fast-paced” way.

Lastly, Membraine Studios claims that while luck will play a part in battles, your path to victory lies solely in your army structuring, building and how you move your units.

You can learn more about this game by heading on over to its Early Access page or


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