Crusader Kings: The Board Game Kickstarter Racks Up $161,000 In Two Days
Crusader Kings The Board Game

Paradox Interactive and Free League have announced that the Crusader Kings: The Board Game is currently on Kickstarter. The tabletop board game went live on May 19th, seeking $57,124. By the end of May 20th, Free League managed to secure $161,687.

They’re already two and a half times over their initial goal, and they still have 29 days to go. More than 1,885 backers have pledged to the crowdfunding effort in order to relive the glory days of the Holy Wars and fight against the Islamic raiders during the Crusades.

The board game features gameplay for anywhere between three and five players. It spans the medieval dynasties of Europe and requires you to manage your serfdom, tax the people, grow your influence, and build up your castles.

The game contains all of the grand strategy elements from the original Crusader Kings game published by Paradox Interactive; you’ll need to manage diplomacy, plot political subversion against your enemies, and attempt to overcome the hardships and tribulations that came with managing a medieval empire.

The narrative of your kingdom will unfold based on the decisions you make, much like many other tabletop games out there. You’ll need to use your wits and your army to help rend victory from the hands of your opponents, and make use of the 70 different plastic miniatures during gameplay to carry out your bidding.

You can pledge to the crowdfunding cause right now or learn more by visiting the Kickstarter page. The board game is expected to be out by November, 2018.

It appears that all the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching from the SJWs over the game’s “Deus Vult” tagline didn’t do anything to stop the momentum of the Kickstarter from moving forward and progressing at a rather rapid rate.


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