Daemonical, Asymmetric Horror Game Private Alpha Test Gets Underway May 9th

Croatian developer Fearem announced that the private alpha test for Daemonical will get underway starting May 9th. This will allow the developers to gain some basic insight and feedback on the multiplayer infrastructure and server setup for the asymmetric horror game.

The private alpha will first start with 2,000 players and then if things go as planned, Fearem will invite 7,000 players, and then eventually move into full early access.

At the moment the team has worked on redesigning some of the character models and improving the overall shaders for the in-game character renders. They’ve also worked on implementing a character customization feature, keeping it honest and true with only two gender options, the ability to alter the skin color, hairstyle, and hair color of the characters, as well as change their outfit. This will give each player a little bit of their own identity when they step foot into the world of Daemonical.

The team is also adding in features such as characters getting progressively dirty, sweaty, and bloody, as well as the ability to have the dirty wash away when it begins to rain.

You can see how some of the advancements in the character designs and environments have been going with the second teaser trailer below.

The gist of the game is that a handful of players will end up on a mysterious island together. There’s a demon roaming around that can possess any of the human players. The objective is to gather certain items and material in order to perform an exorcism to excise the demon from the human realm. However, the demon’s job is to kill all of the humans before they can finish the exorcism.

Daemonical becomes a race against time and a game of trust as players who want to finish the exorcism will have to work together to scour the island, communicate, and perform the multiple steps in completing the exorcism in time. However, trusting other players is a double-edged sword, especially when one of them might end up getting possessed and stabbing you in the back.

The premise is almost identical to the Evil Dead films, and the challenge is balanced across trying to stay alive, trying to gather all the supplies, and whether or not you’ll need to work with other players in order to complete all the tasks on time before the demon kills you all.

The concept is similar to Dead by Daylight with the added backstabbing element involved.

Once the private alpha tests are complete the game is scheduled to enter into Early Access.

You can keep track of the game by visiting the Steam store page.


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