Days Gone Will Be Game Informer’s June 2018 Cover Story

Whatever your thoughts may be on Game Informer, Days Gone will be the publication’s June cover story, meaning that exclusive information for a month will be released. Bend Studio is set to release Days Gone for PS4 sometime in 2019.

There is no denying that Bend Studio has been very quiet after the 2019 delay announcement. Well, it looks like that will change very soon given that Days Gone will be Game Informer’s June cover story.

If you want to see some early Alpha gameplay footage of Days Gone and the developers over at Bend Studio talk about what gamers can expect, the new video sits below.

Something worth noting is that at 0:35 we can see Deacon St. John must find sterile bandages. It will be interesting to see what will come of this scene and whether or not he may be helping someone or if he is trying to fight off the Freaker disease?

Anyway, the publication site will have a month of exclusive online content including lengthy interviews with the game’s creators, hands-on previews, and actual gameplay footage to share with gamers.

“In the June issue of Game Informer, we packed 14 pages with exclusive details and developer insight from that trip, including an extensive look at how Sony Bend is working to breathe life not only into the zombie apocalypse, but open-world games in general.”

The month-long coverage will finally give gamers a recent look into what Bend Studio has been cooking up thus far, which I’m sure fans of Days Gone will appreciate very much.

If you want to keep up with all things Days Gone or the devs behind the upcoming game, it is best to head on over to Bend Studio’s Twitter account or

Last but not least, Days Gone will release exclusively for PS4 sometime in 2019.


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