Don’t Play This Game Gains Trippy “Zero Day” Trailer

Don’t Play This Game by Unknown has a new trailer that’s just as trippy as the first reveal trailer. According to the new trailer, folks looking to get lost in the world of Don’t Play This Game might be able to play the PC title via Steam sooner than expected.

The strange and mysterious first-person shooter that resembles SUPERHOT has a new trippy trailer out. Don’t Play This Game mixes modern day FPS mechanics like aiming down sights and sprinting, along with solving puzzles in a nebulous computer-like space.

As for the story in Don’t Play This Game, not much is known about what you (the player) are doing. The main theme surrounding the game is breaking free from a system through destruction, but that’s about it.

If you want to get lost in the new “Zero Day” trailer, the video is up for you to mentally explore thanks to _5P3C7R.

Taking a trip down the speculation road, which follows up on the introductory paragraph of seeing Don’t Play This Game sometime soon, the new “Zero Day” trailer shows the date July 27th, 2018. Additionally, that very date sits on the video’s description written as “27. 7. 2018.”

In addition to the above, hypothetically speaking of an imaginary situation where Don’t Play This Game releases in the next two months in the late part of July, folks curious about what this game is about or how it plays will finally be able to put those thoughts to rest thanks to a demo being made available right now.

If you want, you can play a slice of Don’t Play This Game by installing the demo, which is currently available on its Steam Early Access page. However, the demo is an old build of Don’t Play This Game and does not reflect any changes made as of 2018.

Whether July 27th is something of importance or not, you can keep up to date with all things Don’t Play This Game by heading on over to its Steam update page.


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