Flashing Lights Delayed From May 18th To June 7th

Featured on this very site during the early part of March comes the PC game Flashing Lights – Police Fire EMS that’s set to hit Steam Early Access on June 7th. The game will be published by Excalibur Games and is in development by Nils Jakrins.

Taking a look over to the indie scene today, we have Flashing Lights – Police Fire EMS, a game that was once set to release on May 18th and has now been delayed to a June 7th release. The game in question offers a single-player and multiplayer emergency services experience that will hit Early Access next month.

Here’s a letter from the devs explaining why they decided to delay the game:

“The three-week delay allows us time to not only polish Flashing Lights further, but to add more missions and content for the Early Access launch. As a result of the short delay, Flashing Lights’ Early Access launch will now feature a reputation system which charts players’ in-game actions in real-time, such as completing missions or causing damage to the city.”

Things to expect from this game consist of car chases, treating life-threatening injuries, and putting out fires, which each department has its own vehicles, equipment, and abilities for you to master.

The world of Flashing Lights – Police Fire EMS allows you to tackle incidents across a shared world or cause problems. If you want to see this game in action, the older announcement trailer showing in-game footage lies below.

Folks interested in this very game will still be able to play an Early Access build during the beginning part of this year’s June, contrary to its May 18th debut.

Flashing Lights – Police Fire EMS will be available on PC and Mac. More details on this game can be accessed by visiting its Steam Early Access page or excalibur-publishing.com.

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