Football, Tactics And Glory Was Inspired By Persona 3’s Turn-Based Combat
Football Tactics and Glory

Creoteam released a new video featurette for their upcoming strategy sports game, Football, Tactics & Glory. The video features a look at how Creoteam, the Ukrainian developers, decided to take a different approach to soccer management in the interactive entertainment field.

The video starts by explaining that they wanted to do something that no one else has done before. They explain in the video that while some fans originally didn’t like the idea of a turn-based soccer game, he draws a parallel with Firaxis’ revival of XCOM, where it, too, is also turn-based and relies on tactical decision making in the heat of firefights.

The idea is that they wanted to remove the “boring” parts of the sport and focus instead on the technical and tactical drama of the sport. So that players are only engaged with the intense and strategically entertaining elements of the game.

There’s another interesting element to the video, insofar that the Creoteam developer explains that the turn-based mechanics for Football, Tactics & Glory is actually mirrored after the turn-based combat from Persona 3. The idea was to give players direct feedback and tactical elements in which to execute their maneuvers.

Using passing, tackling, and shooting is designed in a similar way to using team tactics and magical abilities in a game like Persona 3.

I have to admit that I didn’t expect that a soccer (football to other parts of the world) would ever come out that was turn-based, and I expected even less for the game to have its footwork and encounters between opposing teams based on a JRPG like Persona 3.

They explain that just like the different classes in RPGs, Football, Tactics & Glory also has different classes for the players on a team. Each class has its own special skillset and abilities that can be manipulated on the field to the player’s advantage.

It’s also mentioned that various factors such as the pitch, penalties, and even the weather will play a factor on how well your team and each player will perform.

Football, Tactics & Glory is due for release on June 1st. You can wishlist the game right now by visiting the Steam store page, or pick up a copy of the Early Access edition ahead of its graduation on June 1st.


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