Four Seasons Retro Mechanical Wireless Keyboard Available For $149
Four Seasons Mechanical keyboard

LoFree’s Four Seasons Retro Mechanical Keyboard is available right now for purchase from the LoFree store page. The retro keyboard is a wireless device for Mac users, and is currently available for $149.00.

The second edition keyboard was originally crowdfunded through IndieGoGo earlier this year. According to the IndieGoGo page, the Hong Kong-based company managed to rack up more than $183,000 to make the newer iteration of the Four Seasons Retro Mechanical Keyboard.

The keyboard obviously doesn’t seem too sturdy for any kind of hardcore, true-and-through gaming. I can imagine the keyboard getting pelted with the heavy-handed intensity of a gamer’s fingers and doing the mechanical equivalent of wincing under the pressure like a Thai ladyboy taking a ride on the wooden horse in Charlie Sheen’s red room.

The keyboard, however, is designed for work, recreational use, and general miscellaneous tasks. It comes in three colors: a paled turquoise, black, and gray.

The hook for the retro keyboard is that it’s designed to mimic old-school typewriters.

Four Seasons Retro Mechanical Keyboard

It features the standard Mac layout, but it also works with iOS, Android, and even Windows PCs.

You can also use the keyboard both in wired and wireless format, and it sports three different levels of backlit LEDs so you can see what you’re doing even while you’re in the dark, opposite of when obese people decide to bump uglies with the lights off.

You can grab the Four Seasons Retro Mechanical Wireless Keyboard right now, or just sit back and watch a bunch of soy-drinking, Starbucks-visiting hipsters in San Francisco carry theirs around with them as they show off just how metro they really are.


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