Fractured Lands, Mad Max-Style Battle Royale FPS Game Heads Into Early Access This Summer
Fractured Lands

Unbroken Studios just released the first trailer for their upcoming vehicular survival game, Fractured Lands. It appears as if some developers who are stepping out from under the AAA umbrella are really gunning to do something different, and we could see just how different Fractured Lands turns out to be when it enters into Early Access on Steam starting this summer.

Leading up to the Early Access release will be a series of closed beta tests taking place on June 8th, June 22nd, and June 29th.

The game is made from veteran developers who have previously worked on Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. You can check out the first gameplay trailer below giving you a glimpse at the survival driving game, Fractured Lands.

The trailer shows a lot of potential. You’ll be able to drive around in an open-world wasteland, collecting guns, fuel and equipment to upgrade your car, while being able to get out and partake in first-person shooter combat.

This is basically the kind of game that RAGE 2 should have been.

You’ll have shotguns, assault rifles and pistols to utilize, as you battle it out against other opponents in a bid to capture an ever-dwindling supply of resources.

According to the press release, Fractured Lands is actually a Battle Royale game. Players will content against other opponents in a sandbox arena, decking out their vehicle with guns, spikes, and armor, while also attempting to scavenge for new upgrades and gear before the radioactive storm overtakes the area.

Fractured Lands - Cover Fire

Fractured Lands definitely has the ability to be a hugely successful game if it’s handled properly. It’s kind of a shame it’s not a single-player title, but then again we already have Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max.

Also, everything you see in the trailer is just early goings in the roadmap of content. According to Paul Ohanian, the chief executive officer at Unbroken Studios, they have a lot more content in the pipeline once they hit Early Access, mentioning in the press release…

“We’ve got so much on the horizon in terms of new content and features, including other last one standing modes, but most of all we’re excited to have gamers join the beta and directly impact our development.”

Visually the game looks serviceable, and the gunplay looks smooth and fast. If there’s a good supply of explosives, and an ample variety of deadly weapons, I think Fractured Lands could end up being a really cool game.

You can sign-up right now for the closed beta by visiting the official Fractured Lands website.


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