Go Vacation For Nintendo Switch Lets You Play And Travel The World With Friends
GO Vacation

Casual games aren’t a tall order for most gaming devices. We get the large brunt of them on mobile devices but they’re oftentimes forgettable or poorly made. Every once in a while we’ll get a unique game that breaks the mold and does something unique, like The Sims. Well, Bandai Namco has a game coming out for the Nintendo Switch made in a similar vein called Go Vacation.

Unlike other games out there you don’t compete against other players to kill them, or attempt to win at a game of Battle Royale, or try to take control of the leaderboards. Instead you vacation around various hotspots and you enjoy having fun with friends and family. Really.

There’s a new trailer showcasing some of the activities you can partake in and the custom characters that will be available for players to utilize (in addition to using Miis) as they travel about the globe doing all sorts of physical activities.

So where do I even begin?

There are so many different activities present that it’s hard to narrow it down to what all you can do in Go Vacation.

The trailer starts with skydiving into the Marine Resort, where you can go fishing, race across the ocean in jet skis, surf, or swim among the dolphins.

You can take a plane ride around the resort or go spelunking.

There’s the Snow Resort, which features ski lifts, ski jumps, snowboarding, dog-sledding, snowmobile racing, and downhill skiing.

The Mountain Resort features parachuting, white water rafting, canoeing, and equestrian. There’s also some off-road racing and tennis.

Finally, there’s the City Resort, which features para-gliding, trolley tours, petting zoos, racing, rollerblading, skateboarding, mini-golf, motorcycle racing, and even the test of strength.

I’m shocked at how much content is packed into the game. I can definitely see this being a very popular party game within most homes, especially if it features both local and online multiplayer. They don’t give a release date but they do note that there are more than 50 co-op and competitive activities for up to four-players.

It looks like the kind of game that might actually make you feel good while playing it, and is probably worth keeping an eye on if you’re into casual party games.


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